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Signs your bra doesn't fit properly.

*Your band leaves painful red marks

*Your underwire pokes you in the chest or under your arm

*Your bra cups have large gaps at the top or they have wrinkles

*Your breast tissue spills out over the top and side of your cups

*Your band rides up in the back

*Your straps constantly fall off of your shoulders

*Your bra hikes up when you raise your arms

*Your straps dig into your shoulders

*Your cups fit differently

If you have answered yes to any of the above points, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you get the best fitting bra possible for your body type.

How to get the best fit possible.

To get the best fix possible we need 4 main measurements to help us determine what type of bra is best suited for your body style and comfort.

1. Measure your high bust (CM/IN)

2. Measure your mid bust (CM/IN)

3. Measure your under bust (CM/IN)

4. Top or Bottom Heavy?

5. Is the nipple your apex?
When standing, braless, the part of your breast which protrudes forward the most – that's the apex.
If it doesn't happen to be your nipple, but it's close, we'll call the nipple the apex.
If the apex isn't near the nipple, you may be best using a sticker, or a washable marker to mark the apex for the next step.

6.  Ideally, we suggest standing with a mirror at your side.
Bend at your waist, so your breasts are hanging towards the floor.
Looking the mirror:
If there's more tissue above the nipple, that's top heavy.
If there's more tissue below the nipple that's bottom heavy.

Another indication that you may be top heavy is if nearly every bra you've tried – you do the bounce test, and have tissue spilling out the top. It could be because of the cut of the bra, or the bra being the wrong size, but if finding a bra without this problem is difficult – you're likely top heavy.

Top Heavy
Bottom Heavy

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