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Hand Wash

If you put your underwire bras in the washing machine, you run the risk of warping, popping or cracking the underwire.  If your bra has a foam cup, you might end up with creases in the cup.  Elastics can be damaged if they get wrapped tightly around other items, or items can be damaged when the bra wraps around them. And bras can get caught and potentially damage the machine.

Hand washing takes a few minutes and will keep your bra looking new.  Soak for 15 - 30 minutes using a gentle soap (not detergent).  Gently press out the excess water and hang to dry.  Most items will dry within a few hours or overnight.

If you must use the machine, please put your bra in a lingerie bag. It will reduce the chances of damage.


We highly recommend you do not put your bras or panties in the dryer.  The dryer is highly damaging to elastic, which is crucial to your bra being supportive and fitting well.  We can not stress this enough.  Hang your bra to dry from the center of the bra. 

If you choose to machine dry your bra we can not guarantee the longevity and quality of your bra.  If you must, use a lower heat, and take it out earlier than the rest of the load.

Please use a lingerie bag, which will prevent your bra from getting caught in the dyer, which can damage the bra, or the dryer.  See our lingerie bags, they are great for bras, panties, socks, and others.

Lingerie Bags

However, we understand that best practice isn't always possible. If you use a lingerie bag, it will prevent your bra from getting caught in the machine, or snagging or tangling other clothing causing damage. A lingerie bag can act as a reminder to yourself, or whoever switches between washer and dryer, not to put these particular items in the dryer. Lingerie bags are also great for protecting panties, or keeping items like socks together, and prevent your smallest items from being "eaten".

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